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Un-Natural Selection

Honest Bear's opinion on the way our global society is going when it comes to the IQ levels and birth rates we have.

So how are things going? 
well... we get more and more people in the world and less and less space to go around.
Problem? yes.
Serious problem? indeed.

why? well we passed 7 Billion people and it shows no signs of stopping, moderate forecasts estimate 8 billion in 2025. 
To give you an idea of how much that really is think of this...

The Library of Congress in the U.S is a library filled with 155 million items, books, letters and such.
If every book was a person then there would have to be 51,6 Congressional Libraries just to so every person could have their own book.


Lets go shopping, you are at the most fantastic mall in the world and go on a shopping spree like no other. you are spending 20 dollars per second. now if you had...
100$ you could shop for 5 seconds. 
If you had 
10.000$ you could shop for 8 minutes and 20 seconds.
If however you had 1 dollar for every man woman and child on the earth in 2025 you could shop for...... 12.6 years continuously spending 20 dollars per second..... crazy shit.

Ok so 8 billion is ALOT, but the earth is big.. whats the problem?
well the problem is stupidity. plain and simple.

Take the United States as an example..
Would the Democrats and Republicans be able to bullshit a country filled with 250 million people with an IQ over 140? The answer is no.
what is the average iq in the U.S? its 98.
here is what the IQ Ranges dictates the country is capable of 

"Able to learn a trade in a hands-on manner and perform tasks involving decisions. Craftsman, sales, police officer, clerk. Studies involving some theory are possible from this range upward."

The Early Cro Magnons arriving in europe were estimated to have an iq of about 77 about 40.000 years ago. Einstein had an IQ of 160. 
So the Average American today has an IQ 19 Points higher then an extinct Human race that lived 40.000 years ago (til about 10.000 years ago) and 62 Points lower then a German patent Clerk born in 1879.

So What is the problem?
Well, take the movie "Idiocracy" for instance.
Its a comedy about an army experiment where a soldier and a prostitute gets cryogenically frozen and forgotten, only to awake 400 years later to a world gone to shit.
Its a funny movie but in some respects its a sobering thought provoking piece of work. It touches on the fact that Stupid people, poor people, un-educated people get ALOT more kids then Well educated, rich or intelligent people. 
The reasons for this are plentiful, for instance...

Intelligent prosperous couples would give more focus to their career's and less focus on making kids.
Imagine a couple in New York, a Doctor and a lawyer. Highly paid and high education professions. 
would 1 of them give up their career to birth 5 kids and be a stay at home parent?
or would they get 1 or 2 children, pay for nannies and other caretakers while going about their professions?

Lets do some Country Comparisons
gonna steal some info from the CIA factbook here.

"Democratic Republic of Kongo"
Average IQ 65...
4.8 children born/woman (2014 est.)

Average IQ 105
1.4 children born/woman (2014 est.)

"equatorial Guinea"
Average IQ 59
4.66 children born/woman (2014 est.)

Average IQ 67
5.25 children born/woman (2014 est.)

Average IQ 102
1.43 children born/woman (2014 est.)

What you can take out of this is that the Higher the IQ of a country is the lower the birthrates are.
Conclusion?.. There are born a lot more low IQ people in the world then High.

Solutions? well democracy will not work when the vote of 1 intelligent man/woman is drowned out by 4.5 votes from rambling idiots voting for the politician that screams the loudest.

so... IQ TESTS!

Mandatory IQ tests for everyone. 
Fail the test and you wont be able to...
1: Have children.
2: Vote

Heed Honest Bear's advice and enact these 2 simple laws and the world will indeed become a brighter place. (After the massive war that ensues when dumb people realize that they are being stepped on) but who cares they wont realize for centuries because they cant even read. WOHOO!!

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